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Visit Our Female Physicians Who Specialize in Women’s Healthcare in Calgary

Women and men have very different needs when it comes to healthcare. Because men and women also develop different diseases and health issues, it’s important to find a physician who understands your individual health concerns. The Med-Stop Medical Clinic Group has female physicians on staff that can cater to you and provide you with effective women’s healthcare in Calgary.

At different stages of your life, your healthcare needs will change; this shouldn’t be cause to worry, though. Our female physicians in Calgary offer comprehensive healthcare to women of all ages. Knowledgeable and experienced in a wide range of healthcare services, many of our female physicians have a variety of specialties to better serve female patients.

Types of Women’s Healthcare We Offer in Calgary

When you’re looking for a female physician in the Calgary area, it’s a good idea to choose The Med-Stop Medical Clinic Group. Our clinics provide a wide range of healthcare services that focus on your needs as a woman. The different types of women’s healthcare that you can attain at our clinics include:


Primary care

A primary care physician has experience diagnosing and treating common ailments like colds and infections. They can help you manage chronic, long-lasting diseases like asthma and diabetes, and they maintain all of your health history.


Reproductive care

Your reproductive health is very important if you intend to have children. An obstetrician is able to perform various reproductive care tasks, such as pregnancy testing, pregnancy counselling and guiding you through the pregnancy process.


Sexual care

Gynecologists are specialists in the female reproductive organs. They offer services such as Pap smears, mammograms, sexually transmitted infection screenings and more. They can help you manage period pain and explain any unexpected occurrences.


Dermatological care

If you are experiencing changes in your skin–such as acne, wrinkles or psoriasis–you should meet with a dermatologist. Specializing in treating skin conditions, dermatologists help women manage conditions such as acne, eczema and more. Body skin checks are also offered for moles that could be warning signs of melanoma.


Ocular care

Ophthalmologists, optometrists and opticians are medical professionals that provide eye and vision care. They can diagnose what eye conditions you have, determine whether or not you require surgery, provide prescriptions and help you choose the right type of glasses or contact lenses that will meet your needs.

While not all of these healthcare services are exclusive to women, our female physicians in Calgary understand how important it is to have a doctor who will provide you with the overall care you need as a woman.

Why Women’s Healthcare in Calgary Needs to Be Different

Women and men share many things in common, but their healthcare shouldn’t be one of them. There are important biological and behavioural differences between men and women that affect the manifestation and path taken by various diseases. These differences should lead to separate approaches by healthcare professionals. Rather than offering a one-size-fits-all approach, our female physicians in Calgary work to provide gender-based healthcare that is more efficient and effective, benefitting both women and men.

With clinics across the Calgary area, The Med-Stop Medical Clinic Group offers convenient and cost-effective healthcare. If you’re interested in finding a female physician offering women’s healthcare services in Calgary, please call us or stop by one of our clinics.

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