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How Women’s Healthcare Needs Differ from Men’s

When it comes to your own personal health, it’s important to be aware of your individual needs and stay on top of things. It’s important to see a doctor regularly to make sure your body is in good working order. It might not be obvious to some, but men and women have very different healthcare requirements. At Med-stop Medical Clinic Group, we understand this difference and work hard to make sure you receive the best help possible specific to your situation. The following blog will outline some major differences between male and female healthcare.


One of the major ways health differs between men and women is that symptoms present differently for various diseases—and at different times. Here are some different diseases and how they show in men and women:

  • Heart attacks: not only are they more often overlooked in women, but they also tend to be far deadlier. The average age for a man to have a heart attack is 65—72 in women—but a higher percentage of women die in the year following a heart attack than men. The signs of heart attacks in women are far subtler. They present with back and jaw pain, nausea and shortness of breath—all things that could be taken as something else entirely. Not to mention the fact that the most common techniques used to detect heart attacks don’t cater to heart conditions that are more prevalent in women.
  • Parkinson’s disease: because Parkinson’s is less prevalent in women, it often goes undertreated—or not diagnosed at all. Symptoms in women include tremors and bouts of depression. The early stages are far easier to miss in women, who are less likely to receive treatment as a result.


As we saw earlier, certain diseases present differently in men and women. This is partly due to the anatomy of each gender. However, that’s not the only thing anatomy affects. Because of different hormone levels and bodyweight distribution, men and women react to various medications and treatments in very different ways. Not to mention the fact that women have entire branches of medicine dedicated to parts of the body that men don’t have—like an OBGYN. While men do have specific needs of their own, their bodies don’t even come close to needing the same kind of attention as their female counterparts.

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