Walk-in Medical Clinic

Common Minor Emergencies that a Walk-in Medical Clinic Can Help With

There are many reasons to go to your local walk-in clinic. Maybe your regular family doctor’s office is closed for the weekend. Maybe you’re between family doctors. If you have a minor injury or would like a medical opinion for an illness that doesn’t warrant emergency medical care, a walk-in medical clinic is a great option for everyone in the Calgary area.

Here are just a few of the conditions a walk-in medical clinic can help with:

Strep Throat

This bacterial infection is extremely contagious and has a tendency to go through offices and schools. If you or your child has throat pain or pain while swallowing, red and swollen tonsils, fever, and nausea, it might be strep throat. A walk-in medical clinic is standing by to diagnose and treat you.

Common Cold

Everyone gets a cold every now and then. Some, however, are worse than others. Runny or congested noses, aches, a sore throat, and a cough are all symptoms. If you are sick of toughing it out, a professional at a walk-in medical clinic can help.


Despite being fairly common, flu isn’t something you should just ignore — particularly for children, seniors, or people otherwise at risk for complications. It usually presents with fever, aches, nausea, a cough, and extreme fatigue. If you have an abnormally strong case of flu, consult a professional.

Minor Cuts and Bruises

If you receive a cut or blow and there is excessive bleeding, exposed muscle, or a cut more than a quarter of an inch deep, you should seek emergency medical care. If it’s less severe than that, a Calgary walk-in medical clinic can help. You should consult a healthcare professional if your injury was caused by a human or animal bite or if you’ve cut yourself on something that is dirty or rusted.

Minor Skin Conditions

There are a host of skin conditions that aren’t life threatening but can be treated by a professional. Severe acne, eczema, hives, or psoriasis, for example, can be taken care of with a trip to your local walk-in medical clinic.

At The Med-Stop Medical Clinic Group, we offer medical services and minor emergency care at our walk-in medical clinic in Calgary. If you need to see a medical professional but your case isn’t serious enough for a trip to the emergency room, contact us for help at one of our several locations.

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