Primary Care Clinic

30 Years of Excellence in Comprehensive Healthcare as Primary Care Clinic

Comprehensive primary healthcare is designed to be the first point of contact in the healthcare system. It refers to health promotion, prevention of diseases, and support services such as staffing, infrastructure, and management.

A 2015 report by the Canadian Nurse Association stated the main principle of primary healthcare is to provide accessible and equitable healthcare to all. Currently, the costs of hospital-based healthcare are rapidly increasing. This is where the importance of a primary care clinic is crucial than ever before.

Contribution of the Med-Stop Medical Clinic Group to Primary Healthcare System in Calgary

Thirty years ago, we started with a dream. The dream was to provide a wide range of quality primary healthcare services to Calgary residents of all age groups.

With that resolution, we opened our first primary care clinic in 1988, managed by a team of highly-qualified full-time doctors and registered nurses. Their commitment and dedication to serve people of all ages would become the hallmark of our three-decade old legacy.

We believe that personal and dedicated primary care is the most vital step in disease prevention and health promotion. We also believe that quality primary healthcare should be accessible to every resident of Calgary.

Looking back on 30 years of The Med-Stop Medical Clinic Group

Three decades after embarking on a journey to improve primary healthcare, we now turn back to see how far we have come and ask ourselves some important questions –

“How have we changed in all these years?”

“How have our services evolved?”

“What has been our practice in the last 30 years?”

The dream, mission, and passion remain the same as it was on the first day. The only thing that has changed is our scale of operations. From just one clinic to five clinics different neighborhoods in the city (Bowness, Brentwood, Heritage, Midpark, and Richmond Road), we have come a long way. These are operated by professional, experienced, and dedicated staff members and family doctors.

The Evolution of Our Services

To provide effective and prompt primary care to Calgary residents, we have three walk-in medical clinic locations – Brentwood Family Medical Centre, Heritage Family Medical Centre, and Richmond Road Family Medical Centre. These walk-in centres will enable patients to benefit from our primary care services without a prior appointment.

As the years passed by, we kept on adding to our treatment options. These comprise:

• Baby checkups
• Vaccinations
• Women's healthcare
• Primary care for all ages
• Driver's medical examinations
• Sports medical examinations
• Minor surgical procedures
Minor emergencies
• Workman's compensation care

We diagnose and treat various types of illnesses and conditions such as:

• Strep throat
• Skin conditions
• Joint sprains
• Flu
• Minor wounds
• Abrasions
• Infections of ear, nose, and throat

With technological advancements, we are also able to provide driver's medical and sports medical examinations at our clinic. Our experienced female doctors have a wide range of specialties to serve female patients better. In addition, we are well-equipped to assess and treat minor emergencies such as cuts and infections.

The Med-Stop Medical Clinic Group is affiliated with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta and the Alberta Medical Association.

Our Practices over the Years

Our qualified and dedicated physicians and staff are committed to provide comprehensive treatment options for all the members of your family. We focus on comprehensive healthcare, health promotion, and disease prevention.

Our team offers comprehensive primary care, allergy injections, and treatment for minor emergencies. To know more about us, feel free to contact us.

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