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Our experienced, professional staff take a personal approach to your healthcare needs.

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At The Med-Stop Medical Clinic Group, we’re passionate about your health. 

Our friendly staff members and dedicated Calgary doctors care about you and your concerns – we’re here to help. We provide a wide range of treatment options, including treatment for minor emergencies, driver’s medical examinations, and walk-in services, as well as our total primary care services for your entire family. If you need a checkup, a prescription or a medical examination, make an appointment today! We are well established in five Calgary communities to serve you better. Our locations include:

Our Family Practice

We are dedicated to providing treatment options for your entire family – we see everyone, from newborns to the elderly. Our doctors are devoted to comprehensive healthcare, and we emphasize disease prevention and health promotion. We aim to provide the most personal continuing care for you in the context of your family and community. For more information about our treatment options or to book an appointment with one of our doctors, please feel free to contact us.

Walk-In Clinic

At our walk-in clinic, you have access to doctors without having to make an appointment. Our walk-in doctors can provide you with the same treatment options for walk-in patients as those who make an appointment, including advice, assessment and treatment for minor injuries such as cuts, bruises and sprains. We offer walk-in appointments at all of our locations.

Conditions We Treat

Are you dealing with an infection, cut, skin condition, or other ailment? It may need medical attention. We recommend contacting us if you are experiencing the following:

  • Strep throat or other throat, nose or ear infections

  • Skin conditions that are persistent, infected or potentially cancerous

  • Significant cuts or wounds

  • Severe sprains

  • Illnesses that are not resolving on their own

If you are unsure if you should see a doctor, feel free to call us to discuss your symptoms.

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Can’t Wait?

Be seen by a doctor today – we have walk-in doctors at each of our locations.

Feeling Sick?

We provide helpful information about illnesses and conditions we commonly see.

Got Questions?

We’re happy to provide information about our services, doctors, and locations.

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